The Most Referred To Bed & Breakfast Startup Guide Offered Online!

An easy-to-follow step-by-step tutorial to start your own bed & breakfast, stress-free!

A Home-Away-From Home Market Trend Has Emerged Over Recent Years, and People Are Ready To Pay You For A Comfortable & Relaxing Place To Go That They Can Remember & Appreciate.

With Hotel Costs On The Rise, An Increasing Amount of Traveler's Are Choosing Bed & Breakfasts Over Any Other Type of Lodging Available To Them For The Down Home experience.


The most complete Bed & Breakfast startup guidebook offered online!  OVER 10,000 copies sold!


General Overview

Over the past several years, there has been increasing demand for bed and breakfast operations across the U.S., Canada, Europe & abroad.  In fact, one of the fastest growing components of the tourism industry today is the Bed and Breakfast sector and it is exploding.  You'll find them in and around all major cities and suburbs, small towns, popular vacation spots, in the U.S. & abroad that all offer different themes & amenities.

This is because vacationers are seeking the personal touch, and staying at a small, cozy bed and breakfast provides this.  Based on national industry data, there has been impressive growth in the Bed and Breakfast industry, as people would rather pay a few extra dollars and receive luxury treatment.

Hotels are renown for charging up to several hundred dollars a night with no meals included.  On top of that, they charge you for room service, tax, and anything you consume in the mini-bar and to use their business services.

Vacationers & travelers are now seeking trips that they will remember, and are coming to realize that they will surely not want to remember the amount they paid for their overpriced hotel with cold receptionists.

People now want a home away from home, with no interruptions and a comfortable, relaxing environment that they can enjoy.

If you can provide a quiet, comfortable, cozy place to stay, guests will be knocking on your door in no time at all.

Is The Bed and Breakfast Business

Right For You?

If you can answer yes to all of the questions below, then starting a bed and breakfast may be right for you.

 Do you enjoy interacting with others?

  Do you consider yourself outgoing, a good host and are courteous?

  Would you go out of your way to satisfy your guest?

  Would you strive to make your bed & breakfast to be the most comfortable, interesting place to be?

  Would you try and make sure that their needs are met at all times, and offer your help any time of the day or night?

Converting Your Existing Home or Property Into A Commercial Bed and Breakfast


At our web site, offer a kit that explains in detail & teaches you, step-by-step how to turn your existing property or home into a revenue-generating machine in the matter of a few weeks.

From decoration, to room division, to landscaping & amenities, including wi-fi internet access, to marketing, you will find everything you need to quickly & efficiently open your bed and breakfast to the public.

The only requirement is that you run or manage a property in a location where tourists, travelers and adventurers flock to.  Whether you live in the countryside, inner city or suburbs, you will be able to successfully start a bed and breakfast with our industry-tested & proven guidebook.


The Risks Involved

With the proper planning of a bed and breakfast, risks are minimal.

As successful Bed and Breakfast owners ourselves, we have helped thousands of property owners across North America & abroad start their own unique bed and breakfast operations through our part-time consulting service.

In total, we run over eight Bed and Breakfast properties, and we can tell you from our 60 years experience that it's about planning and execution.

The goal is to identify & profile your future clientele, and create a environment conducive of their personality & characteristics.  If you can identify who your guests will be and what their requirements are, they will continue to come back, refer others as well and you will reap the rewards both financially and through personal satisfaction.

What About Startup Costs & Time?

General Time, Cost & Risk Factors:

Time, Cost & Risk Factors really don't even exist, because you will be able to follow a step-by-step, proven, industry start-up formula that has been used by successful Bed and Breakfast business owners for decades.

The primary concern that most Bed and Breakfast business owners have is COST.  Well, as described in our startup guide kit, you must assess your current situation and set a cap on how much you can spend on converting your home or property into a commercial Bed and Breakfast operation.

It can be a difficult thing to do, but our guide addresses all major concerns and provides you with the tools & resources necessary to start generating revenue from your property.

If you need decorations, equipment, or are looking to make some additions to your home, we provide direct links to Bed and Breakfast business grant contact listings within our guidebook.   If you do not have they money to start your business, YOU ARE ENTITLED to a startup grant that NEVER HAS TO BE PAID BACK if the business fails.

The "International Economic Reform Program" makes it possible for any one, regardless of what country they're from or what language they speak to obtain financing for their business.


The most time consuming part of starting your Bed and Breakfast operation is the planning & conversion process.  This takes about 1-2 months, and when finished, you will have remarkably unique place to stay for your guests.

With our eBook, we show how to set up your business to maximize your profits, and minimize costs that will in turn yield higher net revenue from your operation.

If you follow our industry-proven formula to start your own Bed and Breakfast Business from A-Z, we guarantee that you will be earning a substantial income within a 4-8 week time frame or you money back!  Check out our guarantee!

Funding Your Operation:

The biggest concern above all is financing your endeavor.  Did you know that nearly every country's government, especially in the U.S., Canada, Australia, New Zealand, and countries throughout Europe have programs in place to assist new businesses launch their operations, regardless of industry.  That's right!  The government's goal is to improve the economy by adding tourist industry facilities, and one great way to do that is to support LEGITIMATE small business endeavors.

Within our featured guidebook, we provide you with all government contacts covering nearly every country in the world where you can apply for Bed and Breakfast Industry Business Startup Assistance & Financing.  Grants in general do not have to be paid back if the business fails.  However, if the business is a success, you will have to pay it back or negotiate a lesser amount of the original funding amount.

Who Can Start A Bed and Breakfast Business?


The truth is, any one can start a Bed and Breakfast operation, and anybody who knows anything about the industry will tell you the same, regardless of country of residence.

With over 10,000 copies sold and numerous T.V., Radio & Magazine reviews, our guide has become the most referred to International Bed and Breakfast startup guide kit offered online.

We deliberately composed our ebook so that it would make it easy for any one to start a SUCCESSFUL Bed and Breakfast business, regardless of where their property is located.

You will not find another guidebook on how to start a Bed and Breakfast service more intuitive and resourceful as ours on the web, guaranteed!

We have dedicated our lives to the Bed and Breakfast industry, not only because of the stable income, but the indescribable personal satisfaction you enjoy of serving your guests to make them feel at home.


Below, you will find a complete list of countries that the business plan in the "Starting A Bed and Breakfast Business A to Z" guidebook can be applied to:


The Most Complete Bed and Breakfast Business Startup Guide Offered Online!



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