When you run any kind of business, there are certain benefits that exist that do not if you work for somebody else.  You may not know it, but there is a treasure trove of U.S., Canadian & European State & Federal government benefits that will reduce your costs, liabilities & maximize your profits so that on a per-room basis compared to Motel's & Hotel's, your income will prove to be at least 50% or higher.
In fact, starting a Bed & Breakfast has become the business of choice in the lodging sector than any other type of operation over the past few years.  Industry analysts have found over recent years that people would rather stay somewhere that they will remember & enjoy, that's conducive of thought & relaxation over an exorbitantly priced hotel.
People don't want to pay high Hotel rates and deal with cold receptionists.  They want more for their money, and want to be pampered.
The Bed & Breakfast component of the lodging sector is exploding, and businesses are popping up in every City & State.
Please be aware, that you do not need to have any experience in the hospitality industry and you don't even need to own a property "although it does make it easier", as our featured startup guide will explain.
The key is to turn your property or future property into a place where guests can come, relax & feel at home.  It does not matter where you decide to set up your bed & breakfast; it can be in a small town in the middle of the countryside, in a suburb or in the middle of a metropolis.
Regardless of which country or region you live, our featured eBook will provide you with everything you need to start a Bed & Breakfast that will yield consistent profits & turn your home or property into a money making machine for years to come.
Tax Write-Off's
You may already be aware that there are dozens of tax write-off's in place for Bed & Breakfast Owners, more so than any other physical business (Restaurant / Store).  This is because the government realizes that you depend on every dollar you receive from guests to maintain your home operation, and they believe that at times you will not always have guests or money earned will not be consistent.
So, they help, in regards to writing nearly everything you do off.  Trips, gasoline, food, general administrative expenses, in-house chef's, employee costs, insurance, etc....
So, even though making an X amount of dollars per year, $50-$500k a year, you, by law may declare that you've only made fraction of that by writing off your expenses and "will" in the end virtually eliminate any tax debt.
And the great thing is, unlike in any other sector, is that you have the right to finance your tax debt over a period of 6-9 months, should you owe money to the government.
Government Grants


The answer is yes, and it was something we addressed specifically when composing our startup guide kit.  Our proven Bed and Breakfast business startup formula can be applied in any country, in any economy regardless of the condition, on any level. 

We offer government contacts necessary to obtain financing "if needed" in the form of cash grants.  This applies to ALL COUNTRIES included in the list below:


If you feel that you need certain equipment or financing to start your own Bed and Breakfast "ie. Startup Capital", our featured ebook provides you with the government agencies throughout North & South America, Europe, Asia, Australia & New Zealand to contact to apply for  grant business start-up financing.  Nearly all who apply are eligible and grant money does not have to be paid pack if the Bed and Breakfast operation fails.  It is a NO-RISK funding option for you.

Governments, especially in North America are anxious to add new lodging businesses to the economy because it provides more choices for the consumer when traveling, and one proven & effective way to do this is to facilitate legitimate start-up businesses by offering start-up capital.



Have You Heard Of the "International Industrial Economic Reform Program"A little-known mandatory program that is setup to help foreigners start businesses outside the U.S. & Canadian borders.

Take Advantage of U.S. & Canadian Government Grant Programs Even If You Are Not A Citizen or Resident of Either Country.

DID YOU KNOW that even if you are not a U.S. or Canadian Resident/Citizen, you are ENTITLED to U.S. Government Cash Grants through the  International Economic Reform Program intended specifically to help those start a business, regardless of size and financial amount.  These programs apply to nearly all industries, including REAL ESTATE TRANSACTIONS.

In our guide, we provide you with the non-publicized, backdoor government grant contacts needed to secure financing for your Bed & Breakfast Business Endeavor, REGARDLESS OF WHICH COUNTRY YOU ARE FROM.

That's right, you ARE ENTITLED to a U.S. or Canadian Government Grant BY LAW if you provide a legitimate reason for your funding request which would be a "Bed and Breakfast Operation".

Don't Have A Property To Start A Bed & Breakfast?

So, what if you don't have an inn or property to start a Bed and Breakfast???  Well, there are programs that exist sponsored by multiple countries that will make it possible for you to acquire Government or State owned Seized / Repossessed property for FREE, as long as you can turn that property into a long-term money making lodging operation, whether it be a hotel, inn, lodge, motel, Bed and Breakfast, guest farmhouse, etc...
This program is part of the "International Lodging Tax-Revenue Program" in which over 200 countries are signed on with.
Basically what happens is that you apply for a property in a seized property list that you can obtain through a database of Government Agencies or by contacting them directly.  Properties listed in the "ILTRP" are not to be auctioned off as an ordinary houses or lots. 
The properties are developed, are in good condition, and government officials have labeled them as possible sources of tax revenue should they be turned into a commercial property.
We've acquired 27 properties this way, and it cost us virtually no money at all except the short term tax obligations.  The agreement between you and the government agency is that they will transfer the property into your name permanently, as long as you give up at least 35% of your gross income that your property has generated as tax-revenue for period of anywhere between 2-15 years annually.  In other words, you are solely responsible for furnishing & maintaining your new property, and are not able to write any expenses off, instead, you'll be giving a portion of the money earned from the property to the government agency which have the agreement with.
At the end of the 2-15 years, the property is yours to keep, and there are no more liabilities or tax-obligations as they will have expired.
This is a great program for those that do not have a property, or cannot get financing to purchase an inn to start their Bed and Breakfast operation.
If you are from North or South America, Europe, Asia, Russia, Australia, New Zealand, we provide the resources necessary to benefit from this program so that you can acquire your property without any financing or liability.
Guest Satisfaction
Satisfying your guests should be your number one priority during their stay at your home or property.

If you show your guests a time that they will never forget, you will capture their hearts and they will refer your B & B to their friends, family members & colleagues.
By going out of your way to do the little things, such as finding out what they like to eat and preparing a dinner for them, or putting together a Wine & Cheese basket and placing it in your guests room so when they come back from their day out, they have a nice little surprise; you will win their business for years to come.
Our featured eBook is FILLED with ideas & ways to make your guests feel like they've known you for years & know what makes you happy.
By making your guests feel at home & comfortable, they will beg to stay and will want to come back time & time again.
Working For Yourself
Gary & Julie worked at Fortune 500 companies in Indiana, but were looking for a change in lifestyle. They wanted to live someplace beautiful, and rather than letting their careers dictate where they lived, they chose the place and the work followed! Leaving the grind of corporate lives behind, they purchased an inn in 2003 and continue the great tradition of hospitality today. The biggest advantage to being self-employed is that they create their own destiny. This fabulous inn has given this outdoorsy couple a creative outlet and an opportunity to spend more time with each other and families, as well as to become friends with the guests. Life is good!
Like in any other industry, starting a business and working for yourself is the best position you can put yourself in, due to the fact you make your own hours, and there will be nobody looking over your shoulder telling how you should do things.  You are your own boss, and in charge of your operation.
You'll make more money, and enjoy the satisfaction of seeing smiling faces on your guests as you provide a cozy, relaxing place to stay.
One of the most interesting aspects of running your own Bed & Breakfast / Inn, is that you will be able to create your own unique theme and decorate the interior/exterior of your house so that it stands out from the surrounding area.
And you can use your unique theme as a marketing tool to find new customers when advertising your Bed and Breakfast.
As Bed and Breakfast owners, you'll escape the grind of the 9-5 hour work day, and make friends with the guests.
Advertising Costs & Publicity Tools
As successful Bed and Breakfast owners, we use FREE/LOW-COST Advertising Methods that draw in new visitors & customers year-after-year by taking advantage of unique programs that cater specifically to the Bed and Breakfast component of the lodging industry.
There is actually an organization that represents Bed and Breakfast operations that provide assistance in marketing or exposing their operation.
Most Bed and Breakfast owners make the mistake and advertise their business in costly Newspapers, in addition to sending out direct mailers "postcards", and even hiring online advertising companies to help market their business.  They also make the mistake of paying Radio & T.V. stations, or hiring expensive Online Marketing Firms to advertise their business.
The reality is, no Bed and Breakfast owner should spend over $300/year on advertising based off of our experienced & industry surveys.
Within our featured eBook, we dedicate a section on Advertising your business without any money using Pay-Per-Lead marketing methods, and City, State & National Public T.V. Ad Spots where you can advertise your Bed and Breakfast for FREE in specific communities.
In addition, we have agreements set up with over 100 Bed & Breakfast Lodging / Reservation Web Sites, that will offer you a free LISTING in their database.  That's right, a FREE LISTING in over 100 targeted, niche Bed and Breakfast Lodging Web Sites.
No where on the web you will find a more comprehensive Bed and Breakfast resource than ours, guaranteed!


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